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Thursday, June 15, 2006

on the edge

on the edge
Originally uploaded by grassbyjp2.
Climbing and Jumping! This is Ripley considering jumping off the edge of the Garden Chair. He climbed up on his hands and knees and then stood up and turned around and considered jumping. But I can report that in fact he did not jump but sat down and slid off the side of the chair. A wise decision.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ripley on the new swing

Originally uploaded by grassbyjp2.
Here he is! Sitting in the swing not quite sure what to do. Its an old swing that I renovated. I took it apart and oiled the wood with linseed oil - and let it dry. Then I replaced all the ropes with a new soft cord. Putting together was tricky - but I made a sketch of the way it went together before takng it apart.

Sometime when I push him he seems to move naturally to increase the amplitude of the swing. But he has not yet worked it out. What he does like is when I make a face and stand just near the end of the movement of the swing.

I told him all about Simple Harmonic Motion - but not sure he absorbed it all.

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